8-hour train strike on November 30, delays and cancellations


Trenitalia e Italo they announced yesterday an 8-hour strike in the railway department for November 30th, a strike that will involve the transport of both companies with a total stop of services.

The unions involved, Filter Cgil, Fit Cisl, Uiltransport, Ugl Railwaymen, Fast Confsal e Orsa Transport they chose to raise their voices against the shortcomings of a system which, in their opinion, has once again shown its shortcomings.

Let's delve deeper into the reasons and times of the stop.

Warning: the strike was extended for a further 24 hours.

The tragedy in Thurio di Corigliano Rossano

The spark that gave life to this protest was a tragic accident that occurred on November 28th. A train and a truck collided at a level crossing near Thurio of Corigliano Rossano, In Calabria. Unfortunately, this clash did not pass without leaving its aftermath: the driver of the truck and the conductor they lost their lives in that instant.

One event highlighted the critical issues in the safety of Italian railway infrastructures.

Strike hours

The strike will take place from 9: 00 to 17: 00, eight hours in which Italy will feel the need to stop and reflect. The consequences of this strike will be felt further regional trains, Arrows, Intercity and other rail services.

The inconveniences will already begin to appear before 9pm and they could continue too after 17:00. For travellers, it promises to be a day to plan carefully, consulting the Trenitalia app, the website and their information channels.

Metro Line 2 stop in Naples

being the Naples Metro Line 2 operated by Trenitalia, it is likely that there will be numerous cancellations and delays on the same, we advise travelers to check the alternatives. ANM and EAV will not be involved in this strike.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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