Un Posto al Sole, weekly plots from 4 to 8 December. Lara returns to haunt Roberto and Marina

Lara gets a phone call

Week full of twists and emotions Un Posto al Sole from 4 to 8 December 2023. Great protagonist will be Clara who will decide to run away with Eduardo except, then, regretting his choice... Too bad it might be too late to back out. While the understanding between Ida and Diego grows, someone will try to put a spoke in their wheels. Finally, Lara's nightmare will be far from over… What will happen?

Un Posto al Sole, episode plot of Monday 4 December 2023

Clara will be in the grip of Alberto: the lawyer will be using all the weapons in his possession to remove custody of Federico from his ex-partner. Driven by this fear, the woman will decide to accept Eduardo's proposal e he will prepare to flee, together with his son, with him. Roberto and Marina, calmer on the Lara front, will not see very well the closeness between Diego and Ida while between Nunzio and Samuel there will be a completely unusual challenge..

A Place in the Sun, episode plot of Tuesday 5 December 2023

Alberto will realize that Clara has disappeared together with Federico and this will only make him even more furious. He doesn't know that, a few hours after the escape, the woman will already regret her choice. Ida will accept Diego's proposal but she will have someone who will try to hinder her in every way.. Nunzio will talk to Samuel: there must be something to clarify!

Un Posto al Sole, episode plot of Wednesday 6 December 2023

Robert and Marina they will have thought of a plan to get Ida away from Diego. For this reason they will propose that she spend the Christmas holidays with them and little Tommy. Giulia will be busy organizing one anti-Camorra demonstration and Clara, assailed by doubts, is on the verge of giving up her escape with Eduardo. Peace will seem to return between Mariella and Serena... unwitting accomplices will be Irene and Lollo.

Un Posto al Sole, episode plot of Thursday 7 December 2023

Clara's sudden disappearance will have made people nervous Alberto to such an extent that man he will be beside himself. Niko will be there to try to calm him down, as always. He will succeed this time! After a moment of apparent calm, Lara will return to threaten the serenity of the Ferri couple: his only goal will be revenge! In the meantime Diego and Ida will get closer while Eugenio will have something special to ask Cimino..

Un Posto al Sole, episode plot of Friday 8 December 2023

On the day of the Immaculate Conception the demonstration against the Camorra will begin that Giulia will have organized together with Don Raimondo. Clara, Eduardo and little Federico will still be nowhere to be found and Alberto will have, because of this, a particularly hard clash with Eugenio. At Palazzo Palladinifinally it will come the classic Nativity scene has been set up which, this year, will have some truly special displays.

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Facebook profile @Upaspoiler: Un posto al sole spoilers and previews
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