Wednesday, 31 October 2012
Ugo Marseglia

Count in red for the Circum


The press release signed by the sole administrator Carbone Gennaro leaves no doubts about the critical condition in which the Circum finds itself. The "hole" is huge, the accounts don't add up and employees will receive only 50% of the October salary. And it is not known if and when they will collect the remaining half.

We recall that the delay in the payment of the salary of September provoked protests and mobilizations of the employees that resulted in an abrupt and wild strike when hundreds of employees got into sickness causing the almost total stop of the services.

Probably, to avoid that the conditions for the recurrence of the tensions of a month ago were created again, the leaders of the company decided to pay at least half of their salary. But it is not certain that this strategy is sufficient to avoid possible protests. Indeed Luca Del Prete, trade unionist of, wanted to specify that there is no longer dialogue between the company and employees and that there will no longer be any collaboration: "There is no intention, on our part, to continue to suffer mortifications and injustices. This climate will inevitably have repercussions on the service, it is good to know. Users must expect days of inconvenience ".


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