Andrea Papi, found the she-bear who killed him. It's not the first attack

Wednesday, 12/04/2023
Gennaro Marchesi
Close-up two angry brown bear fight in winter forest

JJ4 the bear has been spotted as responsible for the murder of runner Andrea Papiwhich took place on April 5. The Public Prosecutor's Office of Trento confirmed the identification of the animal, which already had ua history of assault.

Catching the bear could be complicated due to the unloaded radio collar.

Guilty bear identified

JJ4 bear has been recognized as theperpetrator of the murder of Andrea Papi, a 26-year-old runner, which took place on April 5 in the Caldes woods. Investigators from the Edmund Mach Foundation have no doubts about the identification of the animal responsible for the attack.

The bear's previous attacks and attempts to kill it

JJ4 is not new to episodes of aggression. Last year, on Mount Peller, had attacked a father and his son.
Following that event, the Giunta of Trento had requested the killing of the bearbut the administrative judge had canceled the order of catch.
This time, with Papi's death, it will be difficult for the animal to get away with it again.

The difficulties in tracking down JJ4

Catching JJ4 could be tricky, as his radio collar is currently unloaded.
In any case, the Public Prosecutor's Office wanted to disclose the identification of the bear before filing the report, in order to warn the population and avoid further tragedies.

The Story of the JJ4 Bear

Born in Trentino 17 years ago, JJ4 is the daughter of Joke and Jurka, two bears reintroduced into the natural environment between the 2000 and the 2001.

In July 2020, the Tar had canceled thecapture and slaughter order of the bear, but now, faced with the attack that caused the death of the runner, even the administrative college may not be able to save her life.

Animal rights activists who fought to protect JJ4 three years ago may face difficulties trying to prevent its destruction.

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