Bin Laden's letter to the Americans translated into Italian

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The renewed war between Hamas and the Israelis had an unexpected outcome on social networks, among young people, in particular on TikTok, A letter from Bin Laden published on the first anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers on 11 September 2001 has gone viral., or published on 11 September 2002. In the letter he blamed the Americans for their role in supporting and supporting the Israeli invasion of the Palestinian territories.

There are many American kids who with this letter have claimed to have understood what happened in 2001, even defining themselves as "manipulated by the government" who

“he told us how these people had gone crazy one day and decided to attack us, now I understand why September 11th happened”

This interpretation by the boys it created quite a few problems, to the point that platforms had to limit access to content that described and talked about these topics.

Bin Laden's letter remained online on the Washington Post until November 15, 2023, and was then removed from the newspaper without specifying the reasons, yet it was the first search result. The letter anyway it is still available today on the US government website.

To date TikTok blocked the hashtag #lettertoamerica asserting that:

The content promoted by this letter clearly violates our rules, which prohibit support for any form of terrorism. We are proactively and aggressively removing this content and investigating how it arrived on our platform. The number of videos on TikTok is small, and reports that this is a trend on the platform are inaccurate. This isn't unique to TikTok, it has appeared across multiple platforms and media


Here is the translation of Bin Laden's letter in Italian.

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

To the American people,

Peace to those who follow the path of righteousness.

From now on,

The theme of my speech concerns the overwhelming dominance of capital (Var.: money) and its effect on the ongoing war between us.

I address my point specifically to those who advocate for real change, particularly young people.

From the beginning I say:

Your previous president had previously warned you of devastating Jewish control over capital and of a day when it could enslave you; that day has arrived. Your current president now warns you of the magnitude of capital control and how it has a cycle of devouring humanity when it is deprived of the precepts of God's law (Shari'a). The tyranny of corporate capital control has damaged your economy, as well as ours, and that was my motivation for speaking out. Tens of millions of you live below the poverty line, millions have lost your homes and millions have lost your jobs, marking the highest average unemployment rate in 60 years. Your financial system as a whole was about to collapse within 48 hours if the administration had not decided to use taxpayer money to bail out the vultures by exploiting the assets of the victims. As far as we are concerned, our Iraq was invaded due to pressure from capitalists greedy for black gold, and you continue to support the oppressive Israelis in their occupation of our Palestine in response to pressure on your administration by a Jewish lobbyist supported by enormous financial capabilities.

An observer of the new administration's policies realizes that the change is tactical and not strategic; it does not correspond at all to the change you are looking for. There are many indicators of this, especially in important matters concerning your security and economy, especially the ongoing war among us. The previous administration was able to involve you in these wars against us, claiming that they were necessary for your security or promising that they would be short and would end in six days or six weeks. Six years have passed and that administration has left without achieving victory. The man calling for change promised you victory in Afghanistan and set a date for withdrawal. Before the end of the stipulated period, Petraeus, from the previous administration, arrived and asked for an extension of another six months.

If the “six-day war” initiated by President Bush was not concluded in six years, wise men should ask themselves how long a six-month war will take and whether you have the financial capacity to sustain such a costly conflict that weakens your economy and the currency.

It would have been preferable for Obama to disagree with the previous administration's ethos and embrace the truth by informing you that he would not withdraw troops from Iraq; this may not favor US interests, but it aligns with those of large corporations.

The current direction of the administration's policies highlights that whoever enters the White House, even with the best intentions of protecting the popular interest, is reduced to being merely a train driver whose job is limited to keeping the train on the tracks set up by lobbyists New York and Washington, to primarily serve their purposes, even at the expense of your security and economy. Any president who attempts to deviate from these tracks toward a path that reflects the interests of the American people will encounter strong resistance and pressure from lobbyists.

Your president interpreted the court's decision, which allows corporations to influence politics, as a victory, but this is not a victory for the American people, but for large corporations. It is clear that the administration's right to support oppressive Israelis in their continued occupation of our land and killing our brothers represents a triumph for Jewish lobbying. The president has failed to protect you from security and economic losses. The way to change and to free yourself from the pressure of lobbyists is not through the Republican or Democratic parties, but through the realization of a great revolution for freedom: not to free Iraq from Saddam Hussein, but to free the White House and Barack Husayn so that he can bring about the change you desire. This is not only about improving your economic situation and security, but is also crucial to help you make rational decisions to safeguard humanity from harmful emissions that threaten its fate.

For young Americans to lead this change, they need to rediscover the history of their ancestors and the conditions of their country more than two centuries ago. They need to grasp the similarities between that era and the current situation, particularly regarding underlying conditions. The British Parliament sided with the corporations, against the interests of the citizens.

You have noticed Congress' stance in favor of corporations against the interests of the people when they refused to legislate against corporate interference in elections.

The British military governor in the United States had the right to appoint judges and mayors. Likewise, corruption is now entrenched in all high authorities, effectively giving corporations control over these positions. As a result, the Supreme Court has upheld their support for corporate political financing in such circumstances.

Reading the book by the intellectual Thomas Paine helped your fathers in the revolution against the oppressors. It is useful for you to read it in the current similar circumstances. You need people like Thomas Paine who publish books highlighting the similarities between the two historical phases and which have a similar effect. You also need men with courage and initiative like those of your ancestors, when they refused to allow a company to harm the interests of the United States, a company that had a monopoly on tea and its prices. Yet, there are now many companies that endanger the US economy, which continues to be vulnerable to collapse, and these same companies also formulate the policies of the White House. They launched hundreds of thousands of soldiers against us and formed an alliance with the Israelis to oppress us and occupy our land; this was the reason for our response on September XNUMXth.

Palestine has been under occupation for decades, and none of your presidents talked about it until after 11/XNUMX, when Bush realized that your oppression and tyranny against us was part of the reason for the attack. He then spoke about the need for two states. Obama is trying to address the issue with the same solutions suggested by his predecessor; they are fruitless solutions that do not concern us. If you want a true agreement that guarantees your security in your country and safeguards your economy from being depleted similar to our war of attrition against the Soviet Union, then you must implement a roadmap that returns the land of Palestine to all of us, from the sea to the river, is Islamic land not subject to being negotiated or granted to any party.

In conclusion: Be assured that we do not fight to simply kill but to stop the killing of our people. It is a sin to kill a person without just cause, but ending the life of his killer is a right. You should be aware that justice is the strongest army and security offers the best sustenance; you lost it through your own fault when you supported the Israelis in occupying our land and killing our brothers in Palestine. The road to safety begins with the cessation of aggression.

Palestine must not be seen as a prisoner as we will strive to break its chains.

The United States will pay for its arrogance with the blood of Christians and with their funds.

Peace to those who follow the right path.

Bin Laden, September 11, 2002
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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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