Branko horoscope today November 21st, Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer

Branko's horoscope

Branko is an experienced astrologer who is dedicated tointerpretation of the zodiac signs and planetary positions. With a long experience in the astrological field, Branko offers precise and personalized advice to help people better understand themselves and their place in the world.

Below you will find all his predictions for November 21st

Aries horoscope

Ah, Aries! The stars suggest that you may encounter some obstacles at work, but nothing insurmountable. Your energy is sky high and luck smiles on you from afar. About love? It could be better, but it could also be worse. Stable finances… for now. Remember: balance is the key word!

Love: 2
Work: 3
Luck: 4
Finances: 3
Energy: 5

Taurus horoscope

Hey Taurus, it looks like the universe has some ups and downs in store for you these days. In love you might find some obstacles but nothing insurmountable, eh! There is a gentle breeze of change at work that could blow away the boredom. Luck? Well, let's say it's best not to rely too much on Lady Luck now. Finances are stable, she just remembers not to be reckless with your savings. Energy fluctuates like stock markets – look for balance!

Love: 3
Work: 4
Luck: 2
Finances: 3
Energy: 3

Gemini horoscope

Hey Gemini, it seems like the universe is sending you mixed signals lately. In love perhaps it's time to listen to your head more than your heart, while at work... well, it could go better. Luck plays hide and seek with you and finances are stable but without fireworks. Energetically you are on a seesaw: one day up, one day down.

Love: 3
Work: 2
Luck: 2
Finances: 3
Energy: 3

Cancer horoscope

Hi Cancer, sounds like a time of ups and downs, huh? Look, in love you could have some surprises, so keep your eyes open. At work however... let's say it could go better, strength and courage! Luck is a bit tyrannical lately, but for finances there are positive signs on the horizon. Energy fluctuates: take your breaks.

Love: 4
Work: 2
Luck: 3
Finances: 5
Energy: 3

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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