Circumvesuviana, STOP between Scisciano and Baiano due to breakdown

Circumvesuviana train

When the daily travel encounters an obstacle, such as a train interruption, it becomes a little unplanned adventure today November 30, 2023.
A rather common adventure for Circumvesuviana commuters now accustomed to technical problems and trip cancellations.

The route was interrupted

The interrupted section is the one between Scisciano and Baiano, a familiar path for many, which was suddenly interrupted. A technical failure, a small hitch in the great mechanism of the railway network.

And so, the usual quiet ride between these two stations turned into a wait full of questions.

Alternatives for mobility

The suspension of train service gave rise to a bus replacement service which will serve the suspended area, but obviously it is a compromise that is not without inconvenience. Buses run slower due to traffic, so frequency will be particularly low.

Resolution times

And now, the question everyone is asking: “How long will it last?”. The answer is in flux, with updates to follow as the situation evolves.

Patience is the key, attention is paid to quick recovery of normal railway service. Meanwhile, the journey continues, perhaps a little different, but certainly with one more story to tell.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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