Ecological Sunday in Naples 9 June 2019: prohibition of circulation and derogations

Thursday, 06/06/2019
Fabiana Bianchi
Ecological Sunday in Naples 19 November 2017

The 9 June 2019 is scheduled for the ecological Sunday in Naples with circulation block. Here is information, schedules and waivers.

Return one ecological Sunday in Naples, precisely on the day of 9 June 2019 from 9.30 to 13.00. In these times the block of circulation in the areas of the city indicated on the map that can be found in our article.

Specifically, cars cannot circulate mainly in the central areas and, with this measure, not only are attempts to reduce urban pollution, but also to ensure that citizens and tourists can experience the city on foot or by public transport with more tranquility.

Perimeter of the ecological Sunday

Perimeter of the ecological Sunday in Naples

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Exceptions for the ecological Sunday of 9 June

The following vehicle categories can circulate:

  • those who carry disabled persons with significantly reduced walking ability and in possession of a regular pass;
  • electric vehicles with zero emission;
  • the vehicles of the Police Forces, of the local Autonomous Police, of the Civil Protection, of the military, of the service vehicles of the administration of Justice and of the vehicles that carry ministers of worship that must officiate religious rites;
  • those in the name of public bodies, companies and companies providing public services, emergency vehicles or vehicles used to transport material and / or personnel responsible for carrying out urgent public works and services;
  • those who carry a doctor visiting home for emergency calls and vehicles with journalistic and radio and television news operators and professional photographers on board;
  • those with individuals with serious illnesses
  • those carrying therapeutic or medicinal gases;
  •  motor vehicles and buses of public transport companies, taxis, hire cars and tourist buses;
  • vehicles, provided that their capacity is less than 3,5 tons used for transporting medicines and / or transporting urgently certified medical items that can be adequately certified;
  • those of the Consuls;
  • vehicles of participants in religious or civil ceremonies (baptisms, weddings, funerals) scheduled on block days.
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