Faito cable car, seasonal closure from 6 November

Faito cableway

As part of normal seasonal transition of the renowned Faito cableway, this year too is approaching the date of the winter suspension of racing.

When the Faito cable car closes

Il 5th November will mark a short leave for the Faito cableway. On this day, in fact, visitors will be able to enjoy for the last time, before the break, the breathtaking view offered during the journey.

On this day, unless there are problems due to the weather, the trips will proceed with the ordinary timetable or with trips every 20 minutes from 8.20am to 20.10pm.

How long will it remain closed?

After the curtain on November 5th, starting from 6th November, the cable car will enter a well-deserved period of rest. This winter break, now a tradition, also allows maintenance work to be carried out, thus guaranteeing an always impeccable and safe service.

The break lasts about 5 months, as usual.

When the Faito cable car reopens

La Faito cableway will not leave its travelers for long: in month of March 2024 will prepare to return to the scene, awakening from its winter sleep and re-establishing the connection between the passengers and the beauties of the Mount Faito.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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