Feast of San Gennaro 2023 in Vomero with fireworks

Monday, 18/09/2023
Andrew Navarro

Il September 19th 2023, Napoli will renew his devotion to San Gennaro, the Patron Saint of the city, with celebrations that will extend from the city center to the neighborhood Vomero, scene of the first miracle of blood liquefaction. This celebration deeply rooted in local tradition, revives with fervor every year, attracting devotees and tourists alike to witness the historic procession and spectacular fireworks. Below, a detailed overview of the event is presented.

Masses of San Gennaro Vomero

The sacred event will have start at 18: 00 with a mass celebrated at the church of San Giovanni dei Fiorentini. This ceremony will be followed by a solemn procession, which will travel along the ancient road Antinian and other historic streets in the neighborhood. A significant moment of the procession will be a stop in front of the Pontifical Basilica of San Gennaro in Antignano, a place of great historical and spiritual importance.

The program of the feast of San Gennaro al Vomero

The celebrations announced by Gennaro New Year, Chairman of the Hillside Values ​​Committee, highlight the importance that the event holds for the inhabitants of the area. Historians and epigraphic documents attest that the first miracle of the liquefaction of blood took place precisely in this area, once an obligatory stop along the road Puteolan which connected the Phlegraean city to Naples.


The culmination of the party will take place in Artists' Square, Where, after the blessing of the people, a fireworks display will begin that will light up the night sky, marking the conclusion of the event with a note of joy and festivity. This moment is awaited with great anticipation, promising to unite the community in a bright and vibrant celebration of faith and tradition.

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