Metro 1 in Naples, elevators closed and replacement taxis from 17 October

Subway 1 Line of Naples

Attention, Naples Metro travelers! Some news is knocking on the door and it could concern your daily path. Let's dig into the details and find out what's going on.

Which elevators are closed

If you regularly stop at the stations Vanvitelli, Gold Medals e Colli Aminei, there is a small twist in your itinerary.
Starting from October 17th, the elevators of these stations are doing a short break for maintenance.

Don't worry, though! The escalators remain at your complete disposal.

  • Vanvitelli
  • Gold Medals
  • Colli Aminei

Rione Alto: the entrance from Via Giulio Palermo closed

A small change of plan also for those who venture to Rione Alto. Access from Via Giulio Palermo is off-limits at the moment. But don't despair: you can still easily access via Mariano Semmola.

And yes, the escalators are there, ready to welcome you.

Taxi replacement service for users with motor disabilities

For those with special needs, Naples leaves no one behind! If you have mobility difficulties, a replacement taxi service is ready to lend you a hand. It is active every day, including holidays, but remember: only between 09:00 and 17:00.

Useful information and contacts

For any doubts, questions or curiosities, the ANM Contact center is at your disposal. Just a call to green number 800 639525. And if you're more into social media, take a look at the official ANM profiles on Facebook and Twitter.

Of course, the Anmpoints at the metro and funicular stations are always ready to provide assistance.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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