Naples European Capital of Sport 2026, the first in the South

Naples European Capital of Sport 2026

Naples is preparing to experience a historic moment: in 2026, the city will transform into a European sports epicentre becoming the European Capital of Sport. Not just a title, but the symbol of a city in full evolution, ready to show the world its sporting soul and its ability to renew itself.

Investments in infrastructure in the city

The change coming is tangible: from renovation of stadiums to the transformation of sports centers and arenas, Naples is preparing for a complete renovation. Investments that aim to improve the experience of athletes and spectators, in addition to meeting the stringent requests of the commission, but also to raise the quality of city life.

It is a transformation that goes beyond sport, touching all aspects of life in Naples which will have new funds for investment in city infrastructure, including transport!

Mayor Manfredi's comment

Mayor Gaetano Manfredi expresses a feeling of pride mixed with responsibility. For him, this event is not just an achievement, but the recognition of commitment of Naples towards growth and unity. 2026 is seen not as an arrival, but as a new starting point for an increasingly dynamic and inclusive city.

The designation of Naples as European Capital of Sport 2026 is recognition of the quality of the work we are carrying out to promote the value of sport in terms of competition and the ability to create community.

The collaboration of all the institutions will be fundamental for the relaunch of our facilities so that we are ready for the 2026 event which represents a highly prestigious international showcase for our city

Gaetano Manfredi

Naples is the largest city in Southern Italy

The designation of Naples as European Capital of Sport marks an important moment not only for the city but for the whole of Southern Italy. After more than a quarter of a century, a southern city becomes pioneer at European level in the sports sector, sending a strong message: Southern Italy is a land of talent, passion and unlimited potential.

Naples, with this victory, stands as guidance and inspiration throughout Southern Italy.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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