Naples, the lift in Via Acton closes. When and why

Acton Street lift

The Acton elevator plays a fundamental role in the mobility of Neapolitan citizens, but to guarantee an efficient and safe service, interventions are sometimes necessary maintenance works.

The next Tuesday 31 October a temporary closure is expectedActon lift. The main cause of this interruption concerns the ongoing works at the Victory Gallery. During this date, they will come scaffolding removed associated with the construction site. Due to these works, the Acton lift will not be usable by the public, having been made inaccessible.

For those who want more details or need additional information about the outage, ANM has made various contact methods available. Here's how you can stay updated:

  • ANM Contact Center: It is possible to contact ANM customer service via the toll-free number 800 639525. This service is available from Monday to Friday, continuously from 6.30am to 20.00pm.
  • ANM Social Channels: ANM is also present on the main social channels. You can follow updates through profiles anmnaples su Facebook e Twitter.
  • Anmpoint: At the metro stations and funiculars, it is possible to contact the Anmpoints to receive information directly on site.
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Written by Andrew Navarro
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