Metro Line 1 of Naples, closed at the Town Hall due to public order

Naples metro line 1, Municipio stop

The city of Naples faces constant challenges in managing public order, requiring at times interventions that impact transport services.

In this context, the recent determination of the Naples Police Headquarters relating to the Municipio station Subway 1 Line.

The police station's decision

The Police Headquarters has established a precautionary measure, which sees the station Municipality (Select) of the Subway 1 Line subject to temporary closure.

This decision responds to specific needs of safety and prevention of potential disorders, probably as a result of the clashes occurred last night in the city for the match.

City Hall station closing

The measure entails the interruption of service in the Municipio station, a vital hub for city mobility, and will be effective from 13:00 18:00.

Impact and management of mobility

The temporary restriction requires Neapolitans and commuters to seek alternative routes. It is essential that the community understands the priority given to the protection of public order, despite the occasional discomfort.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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