Metro Line 1 of Naples, early closure on 15 and 16 November

Naples metro line 1, Municipio stop

Following the need to carry out technical checks, ANM has announced a change in the closing hours of the Metro Line 1 for two specific days.

This change will affect services on Wednesdays 15 and Thursday November 16, 2023. The objective of this measure is to guarantee the safety and efficiency of the metro service.

Modified hours of the Metro Line 1

During these two days, the closing times of Line 1 they will be anticipated. Below are the specific details:

  • Last departure from Piscinola scheduled at 21:45.
  • Last departure from Garibaldi set at hours 22:10.

This temporary change may affect the travel plans of regular users of the Metro Line 1.

For further details and updates, users can reach out to ANM Contact Center, available toll-free 800 639525. The center is operational from Monday to Friday, from 6:30 20:00. In addition, ANM offers updates through its social media profiles on Facebook e Twitteras well as at the Anmpoint located in metro and funicular stations. Users are encouraged to consult these resources to stay informed about the latest news regarding the service Metro Line 1.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
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