Metro Line 1 of Naples, early closing on Monday 20 November

Subway 1 Line of Naples

La Naples Metro Line 1 informs passengers of an important time change. The need to carry out a technical check involves a change in the operation of the service on the day of Monday 20 November.

To allow accurate technical control activities, Line 1 of the Naples Metro will undergo a change in its closing times. This decision was made to guarantee the safety and efficiency of the service offered to citizens. Unfortunately This is not the first early closure, given that in 14 days there were 4 days of reduction in travel times.

The times of the last trips on Monday 20 November

  • From Piscinola: the last ride will be at 21:10.
  • From Garibaldi: the last ride will be at 21:50.

It is essential for travellers plan your trips taking these variations into account. The early closure of the service is a precautionary measure that aims to maintain high safety and functionality standards of the metro.

Technical maintenance activity

The technical verification activity is crucial to ensure that all components of the subway function optimally. These operations are an integral part of regular maintenance and are essential to prevent any serious disruptions or technical problems.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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