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A Napoli theNovember 8, 2023 there will be one strike of public transport which will significantly impact city mobility. The agitation, promoted byUSB Trade Union Organization, foresees a stop of 4 hours which will interrupt the flow of services ANM, with direct repercussions on the daily life of Neapolitans. This paper analyzes in detail the planning of the strike, the effects on the different modes of transport and the causes that led to this union choice.

When will the strike take place and how long will it last?

Lo strike is expected for Wednesday November 8 2023, with a time span ranging from 12:45 16:45.

Which ANM means of transport will be stopped on 8 November 2023?

  • Funicular: The funicular rides of Mergellina, Centrale e Montesanto will end before the strike, with the last ride guaranteed at 12:30. The service will resume with the first afternoon bus at 17:00. The funicular of Chiaia will remain closed for the entire day. A replacement shuttle service is provided NC which will follow the timetables of the bus guarantee slots.
  • Metro Line 1: As for the Metro Line 1, the last morning runs will depart from either Piscinola that Garibaldi 12:10. After the strike, the resumption of service is scheduled for 17:00 from Piscinola and for 17:40 from Garibaldi.
  • Surface Lines: Trams, buses and trolleybuses will observe a complete stop of activities from 12:45 16:45. The last departures are scheduled approximately 30 minutes before the start of the strike, with the resumption of service expected approximately 30 minutes after its conclusion.

What are the causes of the strike on November 8, 2023?

The causes of the strike include the protest against the severity of work shifts, the failure to provide the business bonus of 2022, the request for greater safety in the stations, an increase in the standards of cleaning and maintenance, and respect for working agreements previously established.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
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