Napoli shirt, the "legal" piece arrives with typos

Wednesday, 06/09/2023
Gennaro Marchesi
Fake Napoli shirt

When it comes to football, the focus is often on tactics, goals and athletic performances. But there is another aspect that shakes things up, especially in a city like Naples where football is as much a matter of heart as it is of feet: we are talking about t-shirts, true icons of style and belonging.

And in Naples, the t-shirt is much more than just a garment sporty; it is a symbol, an emblem, a war cry.

How much do the original jersey and the original replica jersey cost

The football shirt market offers various options, starting with the originals. There official jersey of SSC Napoli for the 2023-24 season it has a considerable cost, equal to €149. It's not exactly a small expense, considering that for that amount you could also get a mini-subscription in Curva. It is the choice of those who do not want to compromise in terms of quality and details.

But the company, also this year, has also thought about those who want a cheaper option: one less valuable version, but always original, is available at the price of 49€.

The original replica shirt is purchasable on the official website from Napoli football and Amazon.

How is the fake shirt made?

Popular ingenuity has its own creative streak, often encouraged by necessity or opportunity. And this is where they come into play the "piece" t-shirts, a phenomenon which is not new, but which seems to have reached new levels of audacity this year.

How they circumvented trademark copyright in the fake shirt

In the creation of these tees, the ingenuity is all in the detail: the creative manipulation of sponsors.
For example, where the “MSC” logo stands out on the original shirt, in the “pezzotte” versions you can find a clever “MCS".
The same goes for eBay, which in the unofficial mesh becomes “ePay”.

These small, but significant, changes allow you to avoid legal complications, while maintaining an appearance visually similar to the original.

Image source: TikTok video Colella Ernesto
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