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National 2019 Landscape Day in Naples and Campania with many scheduled events


The appointment with the National Landscape Day 2019 arrives in Naples and in Campania to rediscover the beauty of our landscapes.

Thursday March 14 2019 in many historical and archaeological sites of Naples and Campania special events will take place on the occasion of the National Landscape Day aimed at enhancing this great Italian heritage. Many initiatives not to be missed among museum exhibitions, visits to archaeological sites and conferences dedicated to the subject.

The purpose of the Landscape Day is to raise awareness among the public about the importance of considering the protection of the landscape as a fundamental part of our cultural heritage. This year's theme is "Art tells the landscape", With the great museums and archaeological parks that will give special evidence to a work of the collection or of the site, directly or indirectly evocative of the landscape theme.

Other important activities are planned as well visits to the superintendencies that will open their offices to establish a dialogue with the public regarding the protection of the landscape. Here are some suggestions on events to attend, for the full program you can consult This Page.

National Landscape Day program


Castel dell'Ovo

Hours: 10.30-12.00 and 16.30-18.00 - Guided tour

In collaboration with the Italian Institute of Castles and the Municipality of Naples, two guided tours will be organized that will make unusable spaces that can not normally be visited, such as the Church of the Savior and the Ramaglietto

Pompeii Archaeological Park

Timetable: from 9.00 to 17.00 - Guided tour

Some pictorial wall paintings depicting landscapes will be enhanced with the distribution of an illustrative mimeograph. These are the frescos of the garden in the Casa dei Ceii, the Casa dell'Efebo and the Casa dei Pigmei.


11.00 Hours - Meeting / Presentation

A visit, with the director of the museum, dedicated to the eighteenth-century porcelains of the Real Fabbrica di Napoli decorated with "obligatory views", were thus defined the landscapes painted on the pottery within framed reserves.

National Library

Hours: from 9.00 to 18.00 - Exhibition

It will be possible to visit the monumental rooms and sections of the Library, where, for the occasion, will be exhibited works of particular value that directly or indirectly evoke the theme of the landscape.

Museum of Capodimonte

Hours: from 11.00 - Guided tour

A special guided tour: the art historian Imma Molino, will lead visitors to discover the variety of shapes, colors, themes, settings and iconographies with which art has told and continues to tell the landscape.


Salerno, Palazzo Ruggi d'Aragona

Hours: from 9.30 to 13,30 - Conference

The European Landscape Convention, ratified by Italy in 2006, places the relationship between man and landscape at the center of his reflection. Its protection, management and planning can not be the exclusive preserve of the political authorities of a country, but must be shared by everyone, in full awareness of the rights and duties that a protection activity entails.

Minori, Roman Villa of Minori

Hours: 9.00 - Guided tour

The event includes guided tours to the Roman Villa of Minori, one of the few monuments of the Imperial age of the Amalfi and Sorrento Peninsula that preserves many original rooms of the original building enriched by mosaic floors, wall decorations, thermal environments and garden.

Maddaloni, Archaeological Museum of ancient Calatia

Hours: 11.00 - Guided tour

The presentation will allow us to look at the surviving traces of the structures of the Garden of Delights belonging to the palace, in an attempt to recreate the ancient landscape, which today appears radically transformed also by human actions. The director of the Antonio Salerno museum introduces the debate.

Benevento, Ex Convent of San Felice

Hours: 9.00 -13.00 - Show

The visitor will discover that the landscape familiar to us today, characterized by wooded mountains and deep and wild gorges, in the Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic Era was configured as a typical lagoon landscape with white sand dunes and mirrors of warm and calm water.

Information on the National Landscape Day

When: March 14 2019

Where: various places in Naples and Campania

Price: depends on the events, consult the complete program

info: the complete program on the MiBACT website

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