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Nunziatella, oath to the Plebiscite: prohibition of transit

The Military School of the Nunziatella will celebrate tomorrow, Saturday 17 November 2012, his 225 th anniversary in Piazza del Plebiscite. During the performance, the oath of Loyalty to the Italian Republic of all the students of the current course.

The ceremony prepares the parade of a distribution in arms and historical uniform, the parade of the Labari of the Combatting and Arma Associations, the surrender of the honors to the Gonfaloni of Naples, of Campania, of the Province of Naples and the Flag of the Institute, adorned with a bronze medal for military valor.

The training regiment of the Nunziatella will be led by the Commander, Colonel Maurizio Napoletano.

Nunziatella in Piazza Plebiscito

By virtue of the ceremony, the Common of Naples has issued a device of traffic which provides for the prohibition of traffic to vehicles from hours 8 pm 13 in via Parisi, via Monte di Dio, via Serra, piazza Trieste and Trento and piazza Plebiscito for the time necessary for the flow of the departments of the Nunziatella.

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