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Inauguration of the cycle path of Naples: tomorrow at Piazzale Tecchio

Finally the Naples cycle path will be inaugurated. The appointment is for tomorrow, Saturday 10 November, at Piazzale Tecchio and, of course, the major names that allowed the realization of the project will not be missing: "Napoli Bike Festival", "Cicloverdi" and "Ciclofficina Massimo Troisi".

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There were not a few problems in realizing this project that allowed people to be able to put the car keys, so as to respect the environment and save money, to resume the bicycle. The two-wheeled vehicle had been abandoned for a very long time, but the reason did not lie in the laziness of the people. Walking with your bike through the streets of Naples was a real danger.

Initially, the bike path had to be ready for the month of July, but later it was decided to postpone the inauguration in August for the Davis Cup. Unfortunately, there have been many obstacles that have delayed the official opening of the track, even if the cyclists were already starting to use it. The project makers had to knock down billboards, eliminate the "Italia 90" pedestrian bridge and install some traffic lights before they could complete the bike route.

Naples cycle path

Information on the inauguration event of the Naples cycle path

Date: Saturday, 10 November 2012
Hours: 10.00.
Swallow: Piazzale Tecchio

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