Excavations of Pompeii, a new train station to arrive directly from outside the Region

New metro train 1

Lots of news arriving for the city of Pompeii, in fact, after the creation of the Port of Pompeii, comes the announcement of the construction of the new Railway Interchange Hub.

In particular, the company Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, has published the international call for tenders worth 23,5 million euros, which will serve to give life to the project which will connect the RFI Naples -Salerno line (historical) with the EAV line (formerly Circumvesuviana) Naples - Sorrento.

This new project will allow the Pompeii Archaeological Park to be connected to the National Railway Network. In this way, tourists will be able to reach the city of Pompeii directly by train, also coming from outside the region.

The new project

Thus will be born new station in Pompeii Scavi, which will be very close to the Pompei Ovest exit of the A3 Naples – Salerno motorway and the SS18. The aim therefore will be to improve the mobility of the archaeological area.

In addition, the following will be built:

  • a new stop in the FRY line
  • a pedestrian interchange path between the new RFI stop and the EAV Villa dei Misteri stop with an elevated pedestrian walkway, thus improving the connection with the entrance to the archaeological site of Piazza Esdra
  • A new car park serving the railway stop
  • The partial pedestrianization of Via Plinio
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Written by Serena De Luca
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