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Naples, public transport reduced from February 23 to 3 March

The election period also affects the public transport a Naples. Who would have thought?
Unfortunately it is so because, with a note, Metronapoli has today informed the citizens that due to the high demand "advanced by numerous employees"To carry out activities of ballot in the seats, there will be hardships during the whole electoral period, in particular the weekend.public transport

The most obvious consequence will be public transport services on coach e subways extremely reduced in the period between February 23 and the 3 March.

The employees ANM e METRONAPOLI will engaged on seats as scrutinizers, list representatives and seat presidents, crippling, in part, the service local transport during all the weekend.

Metronapoli has recently informed about the complete closure of service LINE 6 da Monday 25 February to Friday 1 March, on the closure to the public of the second exits of the stations of Montedonzelli, RIONE HIGH e SALVATOR PINK.

ANM, instead, informs that the N2 night lines ed N7 and C11 local lines, C14, C3, C35, C5 e C7, they will not carry out transport service in the days of Saturday, Sunday e MONDAY'. An inconvenience that is added to recent disruptions on trolley buses due to lack of cars and which leads, a few days from stop due to lack of fuel, to a new discomfort despite the legal action promoted by the municipal administration.

What public transport a Naples is intended foroblivion?

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