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SegninVersi Festival in Naples: an event dedicated to Giordano Bruno between poetry, painting and music


Second edition of the SegninVersi Festival in Piazza Mercato in Naples: the new edition will be dedicated to Giordano Bruno between music, poetry and painting!

It will leave on Sunday 27 Settembre with the first appointment and will end on October 3th and 4th 2020 the second edition of the SegninVersi Festival-Attack of poetic art, for Piazza Mercato in Naples.

The Festival was born in 2019 thanks to several Campania cultural associations like Metropolitan Poems, Be a Tourist of your city, Retake Napoli, Arterunning together with the Antiche Botteghe Tessili Consortium, united by the same ideal of redevelop Piazza Mercato.

A great contribution was made by Boero-the Italian color from 1831 who for this edition has donated more than 60 liters of paint which will be used to paint the shutters of some of the businesses in the neighborhood.

SegninVersi Festival - Attack of poetic art, for Piazza Mercato

The new edition of the SegninVersi Festival will be dedicated to Giordano Bruno with the theme The vision against catastrophes. The young artist Gianlù will paint a shutter with the Universe, dedicated to the thought of the philosopher.

There will be many commercial activities in the district involved for this 2020 edition such as: De Masi, Cislaghi, Casa & Cos, Chiaia Professional Training Centere, Ramaglia, GigaWatt, Paterson Watches, Not Just Paper, Paper Center and New Style Wholesale Women's Clothing.

Businesses that do not participate with the shutter will remain open, offering aperitifs and organizing events such as Terra Maje and Espo Bar.

The program will provide workshops and various activities which will take place in Piazza Mercato in Naples and in the Cloister of Sant'Eligio, between poetry, painting, music and theater. Admission is free but to participate in the workshops and activities it is necessary make the reservation.

The program

September 27th

Market Square

10 hours: 00 

  • Poetic Art Attack: 20 emerging artists will try their hand at painting, painting the shutters with poetic compositions selected from a poetic competition. The poems will be inspired by the theme of the festival, The vision against disasters. 

Starts at 11: 00 at 13: 00 

  • Let's mark a poem: a poetry workshop through the body

Starts at 10: 00 at 14: 00

  • Campania Seabed: collection of signatures for the national coordination of free beaches.

From 10 am to 13 pm and from 15 pm to 00 pm

  • Junior poetic island of metropolitan poems: workshops dedicated to elementary and middle school children to bring them closer to poetry

11 hours: 00 

  • Arterunning: quick walk through the alleys of Naples, starting from Piazza Bellini and ending at the church of Sant 'Eligio. From Piazza Bellini you will arrive in the Sanità district, then again the historic center and, finally, Piazza Mercato. At each of the three stops a painting and writing workshop will open to express the emotions felt.

From 11: 00 13 to: 00

  • Intimate Portraits, creative writing workshop through music: together with guitarist Davide Di Pinto a creative music workshop through listening to his albums.

Starts at 11: 00 at 17: 00

  • Poetic Mail: guests will have to choose a postcard and write a personal message of good wishes to the new generations on the back. The postcards will then be sent by post in the city of Naples and Salerno to addresses chosen at random from the telephone directory.

Starts at 11: 00 at 17: 00

  • Sensory poetic island of metropolitan poems: the guest will be blindfolded and will be able to listen to unpublished poems in a mix of emotions and sensations between music and scents of nature (sea and flowers).

Starts at 11: 00 at 17: 00

  • Poetic Reading: the Association intends to give space to poets and lovers of poetry, through the declamation of their poems, the theme can be free or even linked to the event.

Starts at 11: 00 at 17: 00

  • Poetic calamities: Poesie Metropolitane, also intends to reward some poets who did not win the competition, through the project "poetic calamities", some verses extracted before the event will be printed on magnets that will be distributed throughout the perimeter of the square and donated to people. Whoever finds them can take them home.

From 11: 00 14 to: 00 

  • Creative workshop of Naples 2035: workshop aimed at young people and children, who will be able to take part in the decoration of the Scorz, a temporary portable shelter for the homeless, by coloring and writing on the structure of the shelter.

From 11: 00 14 to: 00 

  • Recycling laboratories: children and young people will be involved in creative recycling workshops. Many objects will be made with caps, bottles, textile residues and other materials.

From 11: 30 12 to: 30 

  • Poetic shots: all the people who participate in the activities inside the island will be immortalized by the poetic shots of the photographer. These shots will be published on the Association's facebook page.

From 15: 00 16 to: 30 

  • Poetic readings: lessons in diction and interpretation of a poem.

From 15: 00 18 to: 00

  • Retake Olympics: team games to learn how to differentiate correctly.

In the Cloister of Sant'Eligio 

Starts at 11: 00 at 12: 00

  • Photographic exhibition by Naples 2035

Starts at 11: 00 at 22: 00 

  • Photographic Exhibition subscribe by Campania seabed

From 18.00 to 20 

  • Inauguration of the garden of the Sant'Eligio Cloister

October 3th and 4th 2020

  • 19:00 pm theatrical performance Psyche

Information on the festival

When: 27 September and 3 and 4 October 2020

Where: Piazza Mercato and Cloister of Sant'Eligio


  • on 27 September from 10:00 to 24:00 (consult the program)
  • on 3 and 4 October from 19:00

Price: free

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