Shiva arrested for attempted murder. The rapper in trouble

Rapper Shiva

Il rapper Shiva, known in civilian life as Andrew Arrigoni, Was arrested. The charge is of attempted murder, with details emerging from asurvey in progress relating to a shooting happened last July out of his record company. This case has attracted considerable interest and controversy, fueling debates regarding tensions in the world of Milanese rap and trap.

What did rapper Shiva do?

Shiva is implicated in an event of shooting occurred on the 11th July outside of his record company located in via Cusago a Settimo Milanese. During the accident, two young men they were shot in the legs by firearm shots. The investigators those who intervened at the scene initially found a man with a slight injury to his leg, who however avoided providing further information.

Why was rapper Shiva arrested?

Il rapper was arrested by order of pre-trial detention in prison issued by Milan Public Prosecutor's Office. The formal charges are attempted murder, illegal carrying of a firearm e dangerous explosions. These measures were taken as a result of investigations which included the analysis of security cameras e evidence, managing to connect Shiva to the offending event.

How long should rapper Shiva stay in prison?

Information regarding the duration of the pre-trial detention in prison per Shiva have not been made public at the moment. Everything will depend on the continuation of investigations and from the possible judicial process. But it is important to underline that the pre-trial detention it is an interim measure and does not affect the final outcome of the case.

Is rapper Shiva guilty?

It cannot be established with certainty guilt or l 'innocence di Shiva In this sentence. The investigations are still in progress and theartist is currently only one investigated. The investigators are conducting further searches and collection of evidence to shed full light on the whole affair. So, any statement about his guilt would be premature and inappropriate at this stage.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
Image source: Instagram profile @fuckshiva
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