Domenica In, guests of November 26th: skip interview with Belen

Sunday in with Mara Venier

On November 26, 2023, “Domenica In” surprises us with a nice change of program. Nothing Belen Rodriguez and Fedez, but there will certainly be no shortage of surprises and interesting guests.

Skip the interview to Belen to Domenica In: here are the reasons

Fans of Belen Rodriguez they will have to wait longer to see her return to TV. The showgirl, who was supposed to be one of the protagonists of the episode, was excluded due to a re-evaluation of the organization of programming. A change of program that surprised many, but which turns out to be a strategic move in the current television context.

The interview with Laura Pausini

He positions himself at the center of the scene Laura Pausini, the internationally renowned singer, recently awarded at the Latin Grammys.

Laura Pausini, in fact, is even the third woman in the world to receive the award, the other two are Gloria Estefan and Shakira.

Laura Pausini will play a central role in an in-depth interview, where will share highlights from his life and career. Through this conversation, the singer will open up about personal and professional triumphs, outlining the path that has established her as one of the most celebrated and admired pop stars globally in recent years.

Who are the other guests at Domenica In

In addition to Laura Pausini, the episode will feature Antonio Albanian, well-known actor and director, who will discuss his latest film 'Cento Domeniche' which is debuting in cinemas.

Because Sunday lasts less today

The duration of the “Domenica In” episode will be exceptionally shortened to make room for Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2023. An event of great resonance which requires an adjustment in the television schedule, given that there will be two Italians competing.

Interviews with Belen and Fedez, although postponed, are reorganized for the episode of 3th December, promising to be a highly anticipated television event, in which the host Mara Venier will dialogue with two of the most discussed personalities of the moment.

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