Domenica In, previews and guests of the November 19, 2023 episode

Mara Venier on Domenica In

After last Sunday's stop linked to Mara Venier's positivity to Covid-19, it resumes tomorrow, Sunday 19 November 2023, on Rai Uno, Sunday In. The tenth episode of this season promises to be exciting and full of guests and exclusive interviews.

In short, an event not to be missed from start to finish. What will happen? Let's find out with the latest previews.

Dancing with the Stars guest on Domenica In 19 November 2023

Mara Venier, thanks to the audience ratings of Dancing with the Stars, decided to dedicate a large portion of the new episode of Domenica In tomorrow to some of the main protagonists of Milly Carlucci's very successful and long-running program.

At the studios Fabrizio Frizzi, in front of Venier, will sit, first of all, Teo Mammuccari, one of the most discussed characters of the moment on Dancing due to an argument for which he is also considering leaving the program. His comic streak will also come out as ample space will be given to his entire career.

Dancing with the Stars will also be present at Domenica In with other names of excellence. In fact, they will intervene Rosanna Lambertucci, Antonio Caprarica, Ricky Tognazzi (just eliminated), Simona Izzo, Guillermo Mariotto and Rossella Erra who, certainly, will have a lot to tell us. Not to be missed!

The cast of Il Professore 2 on Domenica In on 19 November 2023

But it certainly doesn't end here! Mara Venier, during the afternoon, will host a Sunday In also Alessandro Gassman, Nicolas Maupas and Damiano Gavino, some of the main protagonists of The Professor 2. The series, which should have already started, has been postponed and will begin next week (Thursday 23 November). Any interesting previews ahead?

All-round comedy, then, thanks to the presence of Lillo who will be Mara Venier's guest to talk about herself, her career but, above all, about "Elf Me", the new film, arriving on Prime Video from November 24th, in which he plays the cute (and you bet funny) elf.

At this point, all that remains is to wait a few hours and enjoy the tenth and unmissable episode of Domenica In. The ingredients for an appointment to remember are all there... And will you be there?

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Instagram profile @Domenica In
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