Tuesday, 12 October 2021
Serena De Luca

Venice in Naples, the Extended Cinema: in cinemas the films of the Venice Film Festival for 4 euros


From the 19 24 October 2021 the XNUMXth edition of Venice in Naples, the Extended Cinema, this is the film festival directed by Antonella Di Nocera.

It will be a special journey through cinema in the world, it will be 10 countriesi who will participate with 30 works, coming from 78th edition of the Venice Film Festival and more than 40 guests including directors, actors and important personalities.

Among these: Audrey Diwan, Annamaria Vartolomei, Helena Giron, Samuel M. Delgado and many others.

The participating cinemas in Naples

To welcome the special productions will be 7 cinemas, at the center of the event will be the Cinema Astra, in the heart of the historic center of Naples, but there will also be screenings at theInstitut Francais, Cinema Vittoria in Aversa, Magic Vision in Casalnuovo, House of the People of Ponticelli, Cinema La Perla in Bagnoli and Ricciardi Theater in Capua.

Mandatory Green Pass

To access the movies at the Venice in Naples it will be necessary to have the Green pass, in compliance with the anti-Covid 19 legislation in force.

The program

19 October

Cinema Astra

20 October

French Institute

Cinema Astra

Cinema Vittoria Aversa

21 October

Cinema Astra

22 October

Cinema Astra

23 October

La Perla Cinema

Ricciardi Cinema Theater

24 October

Cinema Astra

To know all the appointments, consult the complete program.

Information on Venice in Naples


From the 19 24 October 2021


Cinema Astra and Istitut Francais Naples, Cinema Vittoria Aversa, Magic Vision Casalnuovo, Casa del Popolo Ponticelli, Cinema La Perla Bagnoli, Ricciardi Capua Theater


Starting at 15: 00


Single ticket 4 euros, subscription to all shows 25 euros

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