At Città della Scienza the exhibition Materica: science as (not) you imagine it

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On the occasion of the Day of Italian Research in the World, Città della Scienza in Naples organizes the Materica photographic exhibition: the event will be visible online!

"Material: science as (not) you imagine it”Is the title of the special photographic exhibition organized by City of Science in Naples on the occasion of the Italian Research Day in the World, which takes place every year on April 15th.

The inauguration of this special exhibition by Città della Scienza will take place in collaboration with Universum in Mexico, and therefore it will be broadcast online on Friday April 16, 2021 at 19 pm in Italy and 00 pm in Mexico.

Materica photographic exhibition

The protagonists of this wonderful photographic exhibition, organized by City of Science in Naples, will be natural materials with their possible uses in terms of energy transition and environmental impact.

In particular these natural materials will be shown both from scientific point of view, their history and characteristics will then be told through captions, and both by a aesthetic point of view in which their beauty will be shown.

Special attention, thanks to Camilla Coletti researcher of the Italian Institute of Technology, will be given to Graphene, or the thinnest material in the world that is used in various fields: in low-energy telecommunications, in fast-charging batteries, in biosensors, in solar sails.

How to participate in the event

The inaugural event will be broadcast in both Italian language in that Spanish. In order to participate it is necessary I will send an email at the address specified in the information mirror by 18:00 the day before. The exhibition will be broadcast on the social channels of the City of Science and the Italian Institute of Culture Ciudad De México.

Image source: Industria Italiana

Information on the inauguration of the Materica exhibition

When: 16 April 2021

Where: facebook page City of Science 

Timetable: 19: 00

Price: free

Contacts: facebook page Città della Scienza | Official site | for reservations:

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