Un Posto al Sole, episode plots for the week of 20th to 24th November

Lara Martinelli in tears

Fans of A Place in the Sun hold on tight because the week that opens today will be really difficult to forget. And this is especially true for those who have been waiting for months Lara finally gets what she deserves and for all those who do not believe, for one reason or another, that Rossella will end up marrying Riccardo.

But it certainly won't end here! A woman will arrive in Posillipo destined to upset more than one balance more than one of our protagonists and who could even put Rossella's future wedding is at risk. Here's everything that will happen! We remind you that UPAS awaits you every evening, from 20pm onwards, from Monday to Friday!

Un Posto al Sole, episode of Monday 20 November 2023

Very tough start to the week Riccardo and Rossella and they will argue heavily at work: they will not yet know that, to complicate everything, a mysterious woman will arrive but one of them knows very well! In the meantime, however, Gabriella will set a trap for Lara Martinelli.. Will he fall into it? Alberto will be convinced more than ever to remove custody of little Federico from Clara. It will be open war!

Un Posto al Sole, episode of Tuesday 21 November 2023

Lara, within the prison walls, it will be very worried for his safety. going will have a difficult time when he will be able to count on Diego: there will still be complicity between the two. Shadow of a new love on the way? We will find out that mysterious woman arrived in Naples is none other than Isabella, Rossella's mother-in-law. There will be a meeting between the two that will seem to have excellent implications. Finally, for Nunzio, it will be the time to reflect: what does he really feel for Rossella?

Un Posto al Sole, episode of Wednesday 22 November 2023

Marina and Roberto's plan will seem to have some small problems: there will be some unexpected events for the Ferri couple! The presence of Isabella will risk creating some trouble with the organization of the wedding and in all this, while Michele will seem at ease with the new arrival, for Silvia he will be like a thorn in her side. Dianafinally will have a "special" surprise which will shock Nunzio….

Un Posto al Sole, episode of Thursday 23 November 2023

Viola and Eugene a very delicate moment will come. They will have to talk to your son and communicate theirs to him separation. Roberto and Marina, meanwhile, will be anxious and increasingly anxious to know whether or not their plan is bearing the desired results. Riccardo will have a positive feeling towards his mother Isabella: he will think that the woman is in Naples to rebuild a relationship with him. But will it really be like this?

Un Posto al Sole, episode of Friday 24 November 2023

Filippo he will be very busy in looking for a speaker which may help Michele in the conduct of its broadcast, giving it a slightly lighter scheme and a renewed profile. New discussions for Mariella and Guido which, this time, will come overwhelmed by an unexpected event which will concern little Lollo…

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Facebook profile @Upaspoiler: Un posto al sole spoilers and previews
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