Un Posto al Sole, week from 13th to 17th November: Sabbiese on the run

Tony clashes with Eduardo Un Posto al Sole

A Place in the Sun is preparing to inaugurate a new week full of passions, emotions and twists. Previews on the episodes from the 13 17 2023 November, in fact, leave little room for doubt: we will see some beautiful ones and we will be left breathless.

Protagonists of the week will be Marina and Robert, committed to eliminating Lara permanently, but there will also be room for Sabbiese and for his unexpected escape. Someone will want to take him out, but who? Here are all the previews not to be missed!

Un Posto al Sole, plot of Monday 13 November 2023

Marina is furious and she won't be willing to give Lara an extra millimeter at all. Giordano will have no limits and even to get rid of the rival she would be willing to do anything. As always, Roberto will try to keep her down to earth. His words, however, may not have the desired effect this time.

Damiano, after the attack involving Rosa, will put his heart and soul intotake care of little Manuel while for Samuel will have to endure a lecture really not nice on Nunzio's part. On what? What do you think, will Cirillo have anything to do with it?

Un Posto al Sole, plot of Tuesday 14 November 2023

Tuesday 14 November, previews of A Place in the Sun they reveal to us that the great protagonists of the episode will be Viola, Damiano and Eugenio. While the Renda will try to stay close to both Viola and Manuel, to Eugenio this will be the moment of rancor for the treatment received.

Marina will meet Gabriella hoping that the woman could represent the ideal solution to eliminate Lara. Something, however, will go wrong! Lara, in the meantime, unaware of everything, will count the days that separate her from her liberation. Finally, Samuel will look for a way to get poor Speranza to dump him...

Un Posto al Sole, plot of Wednesday 15 November 2023

To the delight of all the fans of Un Posto al Sole, Rosa will be better and will be pleasantly surprised by some of Damiano's initiatives towards Manuel. Eugenio, on the other hand, will be furious with his wife: he will never forgive her for betraying him in the most subtle way possible.

There will be an important turning point between Filippo and Michele while Micaela will have a "very serious" reason to be mad at Nunzio to death. Finally, Eduardo will finally find himself face to face with Tony. What will happen between the two after the incredible wrong suffered?

Un Posto al Sole, plot of Thursday 16 November 2023

In the episode of A Place in the Sun on Thursday there will still be room for Marina's hopes. The dark lady of Palazzo Palladini will hope for a positive response from Gabriella to her request but Roberto could, at this point, have a better idea to get rid of Lara permanently.

Unexpectedly Eduardo will flee from Tony and by all the most prominent exponents of the Camorra who want to get him out. He will find unexpected help from an old (but not so old!) acquaintance while Riccardo will be convinced to finally do something strange..

Un Posto al Sole, plot of Friday 17 November 2023

The episode that will close the week with A Place in the Sun will reveal to us that Lara will start to be targeted by the other inmates. Marina and Roberto's goal could soon be achieved. Alberto will go to visit Clara but he will find you, unexpectedly, Eduardo. For this reason he will make a decision that will hit the girl hard.

Renato will continue to annoy Raffaele which, therefore, he will be eager to get rid of him good-naturedly. The doorman of Palazzo Palladini he will have an idea which could be useful for this purpose and which, at the same time, could help Renato feel better. What do you think it will be about?

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Facebook profile @Upaspoiler: Un posto al sole spoilers and previews
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