A Place in the Sun, previews and plot of the November 15th episode: is Eduardo really a goner?

Tony clashes with Eduardo Un Posto al Sole

A Place in the Sun will continue, even today, with an episode full of exciting twists. Just tonight November 15, 2023 we will witness what will be there final showdown between Eduardo Sabbiese and his former right-hand man Tony. Things for Sabbiese, we anticipate, will not go well at all...

While Damiano will make Rosa happy wanting to take care of little Manuel more consistently, however Viola it will still be time to face Eugenio's anger. Micaelafinally will remain shocked by Samuel's choice which will go completely against what is his natural way of life. What will happen? Let's find out together!

A Place in the Sun previews: The showdown

The attack in which Rosa risked losing her life and which also involved, in a certain sense, Damiano (the real intended victim) and little Manuel upset everyone's life and balance. Also Eduardo, among others, will have been affected and will continue to be affected very heavily.

For him, among other things, the decisive moment. By now it will be clear that everything his clan has abandoned him and that Tony took his place. And precisely against the latter, Sabbiese will decide to vent all his anger trying to get revenge. But will things really go as hoped?

Damiano, meanwhile, will pleasantly surprise Rosa who, in the meantime, will be recovering rapidly. In fact, Renda will communicate to his ex-partner that he is intent on being much closer to Manuel and finally being a father.

Un Posto al Sole Previews: Viola and Micaela shocked

Viola and Micaela will be the two protagonists of tonight's episode of Un Posto al Sole. Both will be literally shocked, albeit for completely different reasons. Prof Bruniin fact, it will have to clash again with Eugenio's anger for what happened while Micaela will not be able to accept Samuel's choice.

The twin, in fact, will learn that the boy, after speaking with Nunzio, has decided to let Speranza dump him with the sole aim of living a love story with her in the open. It's a shame that these are not and will not be Micaela's intentions he won't want to commit seriously either to Samuel or to other boys. And now, what will happen?

A Place in the Sun, when it is broadcast and where to see it

The appointment for all fans of A Place in the Sun it is now fixed. In fact, the soap is broadcast every day, from Monday to Friday, on Rai Tre, starting at 20pm about. Anyone who can't follow her on TV will be able to do so on RaiPlay streaming, both live and on demand. All completely free following a very simple registration procedure.

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Facebook profile @Upaspoiler: Un posto al sole spoilers and previews
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