A Place in the Sun, previews and plot today November 16th: Eduardo on the run!

Eduardo and Rosa UPAS

In the new episode of A Place in the Sun aired today, Thursday 16 November 2023, Eduardo will have no other way out than to flee to avoid retaliation from his clan and the Camorra. The man he will ask someone for hospitality who cares a lot about him.. who?

But that's not all: despite the negative feedback from Gabriella, Marina won't stop and will be determined more than ever to get Lara out of the way forever. The solution, however, is within reach and Roberto will be the one to give it to him. Finally, Rossella will receive the long-awaited help from Riccardo to carry out a project that has been postponed for too long. What will it be about? Let's discover the latest previews together.

A Place in the Sun previews: Eduardo forced to escape

The terrible attack promoted by Tony against Damiano but which then ended up sending Rosa to hospital, almost dying, upset all the balance within the Sabbiese clan. For Eduardo, released from prison, everything will change since his men seem to have abandoned him.

Rosa's brother will therefore be forced to flee and he will find himself at ask for help to the only person who could seriously help him. He will go to Clara's house, will knock on his door and he will ask her for hospitality. An unexpected gesture that will cost her dearly in the next episodes!

Un Posto al Sole Previews: Roberto knows how to kill Lara

Since they learned that Lara was behind little Tommaso's ailments, however Robert and Marina the only aim is to eliminate her permanently. Giordano attempted to involve an old acquaintance, Gabriella, also in prison, offering a large sum of money for kill Martinelli.

Marina will still insist but Roberto could finally arrive with the idea that he will remove Lara from their lives forever and from that of little Tommy and all without risking both of them ending up in trouble. What will this brilliant proposal be? How will it be implemented?

Scarlett and Richard, in the meantime, they will be increasingly closer to marriage. There is, however, a project that the couple has been putting off for a long time and which Rossella will now ask Riccardo to complete together. What will it be about? We'll find out very soon!

A Place in the Sun, when it is broadcast and where to see it

A Place in the Sun airs every day, from Monday to Friday, on Rai Tre, around 20pm. Can't catch the episodes on TV? No fear! UPAS is also available streaming for free on RaiPlay.

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Facebook profile @Upaspoiler: Un posto al sole spoilers and previews
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