Un Posto al Sole, previews and plot today 20 November. Who is this mysterious woman?

A Place in the Sun Lara, Viola and Alberto

The curtain rises again A Place in the Sun and on the events of the inhabitants of Palazzo Palladini. Let's get ready for a new week that promises to be coming soon today, November 20, 2023, among the most exciting ever. We will see Lara falls into Gabriella's clutches and start seriously fearing for one's life while one unknown and mysterious woman will make her appearance on stage. Who will it be?

We anticipate that he will have to deal with Rossella and Riccardo who, in the meantime, will have the opportunity to discuss work again. For ClaraFinally, there will be difficult moments ahead: Alberto will really intend to take Federico away from her.. Will he succeed? Here are the previews, don't miss them!

A Place in the Sun previews: Lara near the end?

All the problems, as we know, sooner or later come home to roost and even in the best-laid plans there is always the risk of being discovered. This is what happened to Lara who, behind bars, will now have to suffer all the wrath and desire for revenge of Roberto and Marina. The Ferri couple, in fact, after having Gabriella involved, another inmate, in an attempt to get Lara out of the way, will make sure that things don't go well for Martinelli.

Roberto in fact he voluntarily discussed with Lara in the dressing room and leaked the woman's poisoning of little Tommy. A gesture unforgivable, even within the four walls of a prison. While Lara will think she is one step away from being released from prison, it will be Gabriella herself who helps her understand that this will not be the case... And For Martinelli, this time, there will be serious trouble!

Previews Un Posto al Sole: A new entry at Caffè Vulcano

Scarlett and Richard they will be closer and closer to marriage. Between the two, however, the atmosphere will become very tense since they will have one very tough clash at work. At Caffè Vulcano, however, in the meantime a mysterious and unknown woman will arrive which will attract everyone's attention. Who is it about? We anticipate that the woman in question has a very close relationship with Riccardo and that for Silvia it won't be all roses and flowers.

Alberto, Meanwhile, he will be furious. Eduardo's presence gives Clara she will have convinced him to file a lawsuit against the woman for take away custody of her son forever Federico. The lawyer does not accept that the child grows up in dangerous environments and will do everything to prevent it. In short, it will be open war and Clara will only be able to count on Rosa's closeness..

A Place in the Sun, when it airs and where

A Place in the Sun airs every day, from Monday to Friday, from approximately 20pm, on Rai Tre. Alternatively, the appointment with UPAS is also available in free streaming, on RaiPlay, both live and on demand. You will be spoiled for choice!

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Facebook profile @Upaspoiler: Un posto al sole spoilers and previews
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