Acquaflash, the Licola water park, reopens. Purchased by the manager of Edenlandia

AcquaFlash, former Pareo Park

We all remember the famous Aquaflash of Licola which has had a history of ups and downs, successes and difficulties. Also known as Magic World e Pareo Park, this park has marked the lives of many families and young people, becoming a symbol of summer fun in Campania. After various closures, 2024 marks a crucial moment: the rebirth of Aquaflash. This renewed opening is not only a resumption of activities, but also symbolizes a new chapter in the history of amusement parks in southern Italy.

Who bought theAquaflash?

The rebirth of Aquaflash is thanks to Gianluca Vorzillo, an entrepreneur already known for managing Edenlandia. Vorzillo has taken the initiative to take over and renovate this historic water park, transforming it once again into a center of entertainment and recreation. With one eye on the park's glorious past and one projected towards a promising future, its purchase marks a moment of hope and renewal for the Licola area and the entire Campania region.

Aquaflash will it open again in 2024?

Yup, Aquaflash is destined to reopen in 2024. This is not just a simple reopening, but the relaunch of the largest water park in the Central South. The objective is to restore the area to its former glory which, for years, has been a point of reference for water fun in Campania. The new management intends to revive the fortunes of the park, opening it again to the public with new attractions and services, thus renewing the tradition of entertainment that has always characterized the site.

What to expect from the new Aquaflash?

The new Aquaflash promises to be a renewed and enriched place of entertainment. Guests can expect a wide range of attractions, including swimming pools, play areas and food spaces. Vorzillo expressed the intent to create an environment that offers both relaxation and entertainment, suitable for all ages. With an investment of 2,7 million euros, the project is also expected to have a positive impact on the local economy, with the creation of around 200 jobs. The new Aquaflash aims to become a center of attraction not only for the residents of Campania, but also for tourists from all over Italy.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
Image source: instagram profile @pareopark_official
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