Farewell to the colors of the Regions: here's what could change

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There is much discussion about theneed to eliminate colored areas in Italy for the Regions, possibly excluding only the red zone.

If the proposed by the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces, the Italian regions will no longer be affected by the change in color from white to yellow or orange, but only the red zone could remain as an indicator of a serious increase in infections and hospital admissions.

The modification of the color system for the Regions

On January 19, 2022, the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces met to discuss this important issue and to ask the Government to re-evaluate and overcome the color system now considered antiquated.

Currently the color change is triggered if you exceed:

  • the specific infection thresholds;
  • the thresholds for admission to intensive care in hospital;
  • the thresholds for hospitalizations in general.

Whereas the peak of infections seems to have been reachedwhich was possession of the Green Pass extended and that you are also vaccinating children, the current classification of risk zones could be changed.

Hospitalized non-covid and asymptomatic

It is also proposed to do not count the positives hospitalized for other diseases in the daily calculation of infections: that is, we are talking about those patients who are hospitalized for other reasons and who subsequently contract Covid.

The proposal is also that of do not consider the asymptomatic.

The restrictions in the red zone

Should the proposal pass, only the red zone would remain active in case of a very high number of infections, hospitalizations and hospitalizations in general.

Coffee at the bar

It is the only area where there are more stringent restrictions which are:

  • curfew;
  • closing of bars, restaurants, shops, gyms, cinemas, theaters and museums;
  • only take-away and home delivery remain in force;
  • ban on leaving the municipality of residence except for reasons of work, necessity and urgency;
  • remain open supermarkets, pharmacies, food, newsagents, tobacconists and children's clothing;
  • transport works, with the obligation to show the Green Pass.

The reply from the Undersecretary for Health

Il Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri he was not convinced and for the moment he has stated that the colors will not be eliminated, but there may be changes in the assessment of risk thresholds in light of the fact that the Omicron variant is more contagious, but also in relation to the fact that many people have now received 3 doses of the vaccine.

Therefore, the white, yellow and orange areas could be greatly simplified.

Campania in the yellow zone

Currently the Campania Region is in the yellow zone, but in fact there have been no substantial changes for us because between the white zone and the yellow zone only the obligation to wear the mask outdoors changes. This norm, however, for us Campania is already foreseen by the previous ordinances of De Luca.

We point out that in general in the yellow area:

  • can be get out of their commune;
  • It is allowed leave your region;
  • shops and clubs are open without time limits;
  • the outdoor mask.
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Written by Fabiana Bianchi
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