At the Pan contemporary street art: the exhibition from Keith Haring's Naples to the present day

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Il PAN, the Palace of Arts in Naples, from 2 December 2021 and until February 28 3 April 2022 will host the special exhibition entitled From Keith Haring's Naples to the present day.

A wonderful and particular exhibition that will offer guests about 100 works ranging from the works of Keith Haring of the 80s, with a series of works by Luciano Ferrara, to then get to contemporary street art with works by Roxy in Box e Trallalla.

The event is organized by Andrea Ingenito, who was pleasantly surprised by the shots of Luciano Ferrara and so decided to organize this event and to connect post-earthquake Naples with today's Naples.

The works

Visiting the new exhibition From Keith Haring's Naples to the present day you can admire some truly special works, such as the famous Date 88, the complete series white icons, il Radiant Baby.

We will then continue with the shots of the photographer Luciano Ferrara, a journey in the 80s with the images of Andy Warhol and Joseph Beuys. And then again the contemporary works depicting heroes and heroines, and the images of the Parthenope siren.

In addition, in the exhibition you can also admire one of Banks' most important works: Choose Your Weapon.

Information on the exhibition at the PAN


From 2 December to 3 April 2022


PAN, Via dei Mille, 60, 80121 Naples

Working hours:



Full ticket 11 euros, Reduced Under 26, over 65 and Employees of the Municipality of Naples 6,60 euros, Reduced from 6 to 14 years 5,50 euros


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Image source: The new Venice

  • Where: PAN
  • When: from Thursday 02 December 2021 to Sunday 03 April 2022, from 10:00 to 19:00
  • Prezzi:
    • Full ticket: €11
    • Reduced ticket: €6.60
    • Children's ticket: €5.50
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