Alessandro Cecchi Paone will marry Simone Antolini, adoption soon

Thursday, 25/05/2023
Gennaro Marchesi

Having won the attention of the public with his participation at the Island of the Famous 2023, Alessandro Cecchi Paone is about to take another big leap: marry her partner Simone Antolini.

Their union, which will take place abroad, has a specific purpose: become parents. In fact, the two men aspire to welcome little Melissa, daughter of Antolini, into their lives, a possibility that Italy does not currently grant to Cecchi Paone.

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The desire for paternity emerged after the Isola dei Famosi

The desire to become a father peeped into the heart of Alessandro Cecchi Paone during an interview granted to Barbara D'urso in the “Afternoon 5” programme.
The imminent marriage between the two men, who are leaving for abroad, should materialize in a few weeks. It is a significant step for the well-known Italian conductor, moved not only by a deep love for Simone Antolini, but especially for the little Melissawhich he is particularly fond of.
However, the possibility of adoption requires a total agreement between Antolini and his ex-partner.

The bond between Cecchi Paone and Melissa

Within the relationship between Simone Antolini e Alessandro Cecchi Paone, little Melissa has integrated perfectly. The formation of this rainbow family appears, in fact, to be well established, with the little girl affectionately renaming Cecchi Paone as "Uncle Alexander”. A story of daily life and love that seems already blessed by the little girl's affection for this new family configuration.
Cecchi Paone considers his companion's daughter as a young lady to be accompanied in her growth with happiness and joy.

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Cecchi Paone's determination towards marriage

During the broadcast conducted by Barbara D'Urso, Alessandro Cecchi Paone he has declared:

“Today we announced on NuovoTv that we will get married soon, unfortunately we have to do it abroad, because if we get married abroad I will have the right to adopt her, if the father and mother are or will agree. One of the reasons why we went together (to the Isola dei Famosi ed.) is to shed some light on a problem that many non-famous couples have. It's not that being famous Simone and I will find a solution, everyone agrees, but nobody talks about it anymore”.

Alessandro Cecchi Paone
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