Alfa in concert at the Palapartenope Theatre: only date available!

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Il 16 April 2024, Alfa will bring its tour “I don't know who created the world, but I know he was in love” on the stage of Palapartenope Theater of Naples. After an impressive participation in the Festival of Sanremo, the concert is an opportunity for the Neapolitan public to connect directly with his new sounds and the depth of his folk-pop.

The concert at the Palapartenope Theater in Naples

Il 16th April 21:00, the stage of Palapartenope Theater will welcome Alfa and its tour”I don't know who created the world, but I know he was in love“. The evening in Naples marks a crucial stage of the tour, where Alfa will bring his latest hits to the stage in a unique stage experience.

The concert is designed to be a journey through the different phases of Alfa's career, from his introspection in his bedroom in Genoa to the applause of Sanremo

From the bedroom to the stage via Sanremo

Alfa has a unique way of inviting the audience into his personal world. On stage Palapartenope Theater, singer recreate his bedroom, the place of origin of his musical inspiration. The presence of this domestic environment adds a touch of intimacy to the show, highlighting Alfa's path of artistic growth, from composition in solitude to large national scenes such as that of Sanremo.

After the Sanremo experience, where he presented pieces that combine introspection and energy, Alfa continues to explore these dynamics also on tour. With his bedroom as a backdrop, each song played live is an open window into his creative process and artistic evolution.

The songs from the Alfa concert

At the concert at Palapartenope Theater, we will witness Alfa's performance who will present a selection of songs ranging from his musical origins to his most recent productions. Obviously the most highlighted piece will be "Go!", the song that captivated the audience at Festival of Sanremo. We will also have the opportunity to listen to a classic that strongly influenced her career and that Alfa sang in Sanremo with Roberto Vecchioni: “Dream boy, dream.”

The setlist will include other hits such as “Head in the clouds"and "Very beautiful” which Alfa often dedicates to a fan during the concert, creating a special moment of connection between the audience and Alfa. Songs like “Frida” from his latest album, however, reveal Alfa's more reflective and critical side, exploring themes of freedom and love.

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