Weather alert in Naples for Saturday 10 February, parks and cemeteries closed

Photos of bad weather in Naples

The Civil Protection of the Campania Region has issued a yellow weather warning warning for expected adverse weather events from 09:00 to 23:59 on Saturday 10 February 2024.

Relevant phenomena:
Locally strong winds from the western quadrants, with gusts.
Rough sea, especially along the coasts exposed to the winds, with possible storm surges

ALERT level:

Information in brief

  • Alert color: yellow
  • When: February 10, 2024
  • Time slot: from 09:00 to 23:59
  • Risk type: strong gusts of wind

Cemeteries, city parks and the Bagnoli pier will remain closed, and access to the beaches will also be prohibited.

Underpasses and areas that may be closed in case of heavy rain

List of underpasses and city sites subject to possible closures in the event of heavy rain:

  • Via Claudio/Stadio San Paolo underpass (left side) (Fuorigrotta)
  • Underpasses of Viale dei Ciliegi (Chiaiano)
  • Underpass of via Vicinale Cupa San Severino/Via Antonio de Ferraris (Poggioreale)
  • Underpass of Via Comunale San Severino/Via Fasano (Poggioreale)
  • Underpass of Via Enrico Russo (Bar)
  • Via Mastellone underpass (Bar)
  • Underpasses of the Business Center of Naples (Poggioreale)
  • Arena S. Antonio height Via Ben Hur (Soccavo)

The areas affected by the alert

1 Zone: Piana Campana, Naples, Islands, Vesuvian Area;
2 Zone: Alto Volturno and Matese;
3 Zone: Sorrento-Amalfi Peninsula, Monti di Sarno and Monti Picentini;
4 Zone: Upper Irpinia and Sannio;
5 Zone: Tusciano and Alto Sele;
6 Zone: Piana Sele and Alto Cilento;
7 Zone: Tanager;
8 Zone: Lower Cilento.

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