The brilliant friend 3: previews of the seventh and eighth episode of History of those who flee and those who remain

Elena of The Brilliant Friend
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Sunday 27 February 2022 there will be the last appointment with the third season of L'Amica Geniale, in fact on Rai Uno episodes seven and eight will be broadcast, concluding the events of the third book "History of those who flee and those who remain".

The protagonists created by Elena Ferrante they have reached the end of the season, in the middle of the 70s as we know, and will have to continue to face the tough challenges of life that has seen their paths dividing for several years now.

Let's find out together what these last two episodes will reserve for us, remembering that the previous episodes and seasons can always be seen on RaiPlay in streamina.

Enzo and LIila

Episode 7: You Again

Elena now he can no longer bear married life with Pietro who treats her more and more every day as a servant and not as a life partner.

When suddenly there is a knock on their door Nino Sarratore, Lenù feels reborn and even starts writing again. Nino forges a strong bond with Pietro and the two promise to see each other again.

Episode 8: Who runs away, who stays

Both Elena and Pietro do the acquaintance with Nino's family and the latter confides to Elena what he thinks of hers manuscript. But when she learns that her husband hadn't even read it, she begins to turn hostile towards him.

Pietro doesn't react well and his behavior only pushes him further away from Elena.

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