Angelina Mango, Fiorello apologizes for the gaffe: what happened

Wednesday, 24/05/2023
Frances Orelli
angelina mango

Fiorello, after the gaffe on Viva Rai 2 about Angelina Mango's mother, who appeared very embarrassed, he apologized on social networks both to the singer and to her many fans. Here's what he said.

Tuesday 23 May 2023, among the guests of Long live Rai 2, the morning program of Rai Due condotto rosary Fiorello, there was also Angelina Mango, daughter of the late singer Mango, who also participated in the program Friends of Maria DeFilippi. During the interview, however, Fiorello he combined one of his own: made a sensational gaffe, which was immediately noticed by the many fans of angelina and also embarrassed the singer of 22 friends.

What happened? While talking with Angelina Mango, Fiorello he wanted to say hello to his mother, but instead of calling her Laura, he called her Caterina valente. An oversight on which, moreover, the singer decided to "pass over" her, taking her for a laugh and avoiding correcting him. However, the gaffe, although not serious, was noticed by the Angelina Mango fan, who immediately rushed to the Rai showman's social networks to point it out to them.

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Friends 22, Rosario Fiorello apologizes for the gaffe about Angelina Mango's mother

and difatti rosary Fiorello, this morning, decided to apologize for the gaffe on Twitter, where he did it under the interview video shared just by Angelina Mango on his profile:

"Sorry again for the gaffe! What can you do, old age knocks every now and then."

His gesture, which was noticed by the numerous followers of the singer of Friends 22, was welcomed with sympathy and everyone, without exception, indulged in a few jokes towards the conductor (but they also paid him many compliments).

But why did the gaffe cause such a stir? Well, it is immediately said: Laura, Angelina Mango's mom, despite being theformer lead singer of Matia Bazar, is still very active in the music scene. Caterina valente, on the other hand, is also an interpreter, but in addition to having interrupted the musical activity for several years, she is 33 years older than Laura. The two women, however, by an accident of fate, as well as being both very good singers, share the same surname, therefore rosary Fiorello it was almost inevitable to make a big slip.

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Image source: Instagram profile Angelina Mango (@angelinamango_)
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