Armando Incarnato returns to Men and Women. Previews

Armando Incarnato of Men and women in the wittytv video

The stage of Men and women welcomes back one of its most talked about figures: Armando Incarnate. In a surprising turn of events, the November 7, 2023 during the recording, the Neapolitan knight makes his return to the throne over, enriching the broadcast with his charisma. This news follows the entry of Ida Platano in the role of tronista, bringing freshness and dynamism to the beloved television format of Channel 5. "

Armando's return to Men and Women

The recording room of “Men and women” came alive with the return of Armando Incarnate, three months after his last appearance. The episode recorded on November 7th he also saw Ida Platano ascend to throne, contributing to an electrifying atmosphere.

Armando positions himself again among the knights of the male parterre, reigniting public interest and signaling a new phase for the throne over. Despite fervent discussions about potential romantic entanglements, sources such as FriendsNews reveal that there will be no courtship between him and Barbara, clearly outlining the television path that Incarnato will follow in this new season of the program.

The relationship between Ida Platano and Armando Incarnato: Armando defends her

The relationship between Ida Platano e Armando Incarnate carries with it a story of genuine friendship and mutual solidarity that extends far beyond the confines of the television studio. The two have proven themselves over the years an affinity that goes beyond simple superficial knowledge, cementing a bond that has withstood time and challenges.

Armando, in particular, stood out for his prompt defense of going against criticism and negative judgments, both live on television and via i social networks. His unconditional support was manifested in numerous posts and comments, where he highlighted the importance of authenticity and personal substance, contrasting them with the mere appearances that often prevail in the world of entertainment.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
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