Friday, 17 September 2021
Fabiana Bianchi

Art Performing Festival at the Castel dell'Ovo in Naples: free with projections and videos


From the 18 28 2021 September will take place theArt Performing Festival al Castle of the Egg a NAPLES, an annual event it hosts international and national artists who deal with performance art.

The review is curated by Gianni Nappa and foresees projections and videos by many artists. The choice to host the exhibition inside the Castle's prisons is symbolic as it refers to the lack of freedom suffered due to the pandemic.

This year it also hosts "Memento Vivere, a work that will end in 20 years"by Kyrahm, Mariaelena Masetti Zannini and Julius Kaiser. This is the highlight of the whole event. A very interesting project that we will read in detail in the following program.

The program of the Art Performing Festival

From the 18 to the 28 September

Solo exhibition of Lucio DDTART.

September 18th

The exhibition will be inaugurated at 17.30 pm on September 18th, with "Memento Vivere, a work that will end in 20 years". On this occasion, there will be parents and children who will have to tell each other and tell each other everything, so that in 20 years, those who remain will be able to tell memories, losses, successes, failures, nostalgia and much more than the pact made on this occasion. This project will also be carried around in the rest of Italy and in other areas of the world.

September 19th

At 19.00 one video review.

September 21th

It will be Monica Marioni with Manuele Mascheroni and Gianni Nappa at 17.00 pm with "Let me go".

September 23th

It will be the turn of Salvatore Donatiello in "Purifying procession" at 17.00.

September 25th

At 12:00 the performance of Morena Rossi with "We can be free", while at 17.00 it will be the turn of Massimiliano Manieri WAP II edition.

September 26th

Loredana Iafrate presents “Connessioni 2” at 11.00.

IV Video Review "Teresa Mangiacapra"

September 18th

18,15 hours

September 19th

11,00 hours

September 20th

11,00 hours

September 22th

11,00 hours

September 23th

15,00 hours

Information on the Art Performing Festival


from the 18 to the 28 September 2021


Low prisons of the Castel dell'Ovo


free entry

Contacts and info

Art Performing Festival | Facebook page | Facebook event | [email protected]

Photo source: Art Performing Festival Facebook page

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