Panettone d'Artista 2023, tastings of artisanal products in Salerno

Christmas panettone

At the Maritime Station of Salerno, designed by the renowned architect Zaha Hadid, a Christmas-themed gastronomic event will be held: the Artist's Panettone. The culinary celebration, the first of its kind, will take place from 7 to 9 December 2023, coinciding with the Christmas holiday period. The city of Salerno, known for its food and wine traditions and its lively cultural atmosphere, will host the best Pastry Masters of the Campania Region.

This festival promises to be a point of reference for artisan panettone lovers, offering a wide range of flavors and unique recipes.

Tasting of artisanal panettone

Al Artist's Panettone, visitors will have the opportunity to savor a wide selection of handmade panettone, each one with a unique and distinctive flavour, the result of the skill and passion of the Master Pastry Chefs.

In addition to the traditional panettone, the festival will also offer a variety of products gluten free to meet the needs of all visitors. In addition, wine enthusiasts will have the opportunity to taste a selection of fine labels, provided by the exhibitors present.

Shows and Other Activities

The festive atmosphere of Artist's Panettone will be enriched by a series of shows and events. Guests will enjoy lively evenings live music e DJ Set, creating a vibrant and engaging environment. In addition, the event will offer Masterclass e WORKSHOPS to deepen the knowledge and techniques of preparing panettone. The experience will be completed by entertainment dedicated to all ages, making the Panettone d'Artista an unmissable event for families and lovers of culinary culture.

Contacts and information:

  • Where: Maritime Station of Salerno
  • When: from Thursday 07 December 2023 to Saturday 09 December 2023, from 18 pm to 00 pm
  • Prezzi:
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Written by Andrew Navarro
Image source: Envato Subscription
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