Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Balloting to San Giuseppe Vesuviano: the shadows are not dissolved


St. Joseph Vesuvius - It takes another 15 days to wait to choose the mayor of the city who will soon have to face the polls again for the ballot vote. They will challenge the criminal lawyer Vincenzo Catalano (Fli and 4 civic lists) e Antonio Ambrosio (PDL, UDEUR and 3 civic lists).

An internal challenge to the center right that Vincenzo Catapano has decided to face without allying himself with the other 3 candidates will not be an easy challenge. In the outgoing round we had Catapano with 37.31% and Ambrosio with 27.87% against a participation of 77.79%.

The experts speak for themselves: evaluating the results of the individual lists, the governability is uncertain as the possibility that it materializes towards a large majority is shaky. A scenario that demoralizes the city back from 3 years of commissioner management for the dissolution of the City Council for alleged Camorra infiltrations, sentence interrupted in May 2010 when the tar reinstated the former mayor Ambrosio (namesake of the candidate currently in the ballot) until January 2011 when the dissolution was finalized.

Convictions against which Catapano moves by making the fight against infiltrations its primary objective, in defense of the old administration moves Ambrosio (supported by the former mayor) who speaks of>.

To the voters the last word.

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