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Scampia banner: "Welcome to Baghdad". Removed from firemen

This morning a Scampia the citizens woke up with a long banner hanging between two poles of light: the writing said "Welcome to Baghdad". The tarpaulin, judged not polemical by the President of the Municipality, was long 7 meters and the Carabinieri were quick to have it removed by firefighters. It happens a few days frominitiative put in place by the school in which a murder took place a few days ago.

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The gesture, most probably performed by some inhabitants of the neighborhood, it was essentially a message to the police. Yesterday, in fact, the police arrested the baseman who had organized theambush in which he had accidentally found Pasquale Romano the 15 last October. The citizens, in short, want the authorities to intervene also in the lot G.

In fact, in the last few days, in the Lot G of Scampia they exploded two bombs who also injured two children. These are gestures that took place in the context of the feud that sees opposition "secessionists"Of the Di Lauro clan to the Vannella Grassi.

scree banner "welcome to baghdad"

Despite the exhortations of citizenship, the police are already carrying out a series of searches in the neighborhood. In the K lot 40 houses were searched and the purpose of these activities is to induce criminals to expose themselves and to come out", As stated by the head of the Scampia police station, Michele Spina.

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