The Bold and the Beautiful, plots of the week from 2 to 7 April 2024

Steffy in Beautiful

Decisive week, that from 2 to 7 April 2024, to Beautiful and for all his fans. There truth about an intrigue which has been dragging on for too long now will come finally in the light.. But be careful, the negative repercussions could concern more than one protagonist of the well-known American soap. What will happen? Let's find out together with the daily plots!

The Bold and the Beautiful, plot of the episode of Tuesday 2 April 2024

Strong moment shock for Taylor who just won't be able to believe that Thomas could have hatched such a devious plan. At this point, Hayes will find herself between two fires: on the one hand Steffy will beg her to tell Ridge everything, on the other hand Thomas would like, instead, that everything goes according to plan and that the wedding goes well. But what he decides to do?

Plot of the episode of Wednesday 3 April 2024

Taylor will be heartbroken and faced with a thousand dilemmas: what will be best to do? Ridge will still marry her knowing the truth about Brooke? This one, in the meantime, will be at her house together with her sisters, her father and Lucy: he will try to fight against the pain that runs through her heart and of which, among other things, she doesn't even know the origin. Be careful because while Carter will be ready to start the wedding, Taylor will make his choice: he will not confess anything and will go on with the ceremony!

Ridge Beautiful
Ridge in Beautiful (Source: Mediaset)

The Bold and the Beautiful, plot of the episode of Thursday 4 April 2024

Decisive episode, this one Beautiful, for the evolution of the next plots. In the middle of the wedding, in fact, steffy he will decide that he cannot pretend nothing has happened and, for this reason, he will interrupt them. Before Ridge and Taylor are declared husband and wife, to everyone's amazement and the terror of Thomas and Taylor, the young Forrester will tell the truth. Brooke is not at all to blame for what happened as it was all the result of a terrible plan put in place by Thomas! What a shock!

Plot of the episode of Friday 5 April 2024

Air of disbelief and dismay at Villa Forrester! No one will be able to believe what they just learned! Ridge, above all, will be shocked to the point that he will immediately demand explanations from Taylor. Why didn't she tell him how things really were? This is where the troubles will begin for the woman who, in any case, will have the excuse ready: she has decided not to speak because he had assured her of his love despite everything.

Plot of the episode of Saturday 6 April 2024

Lying in good faith: maybe sometimes you can but not when the lie is so big! Taylor will still try to justify himself but Ridge will be furious! The woman will ask him some essential questions: does she really love her or will she put an end to the ceremony now that she knows that Brooke is not at fault? What will Ridge's response be? We tell you that this will arrive but that, first, the Forrester will lash out at his son: How could he do this? Meanwhile, in a completely different mood, Sheila will start leaving the house.. won't it be too dangerous?

Sheila Beautiful
Sheila in Beautiful (Mediaset)

The Bold and the Beautiful, plot of the episode of Sunday 7 April 2024

In a comparison now inevitable, for Brooke and Taylor it will be time to discuss what happened. For the first time we will see them do it without any kind of rancor and without recriminations of any kind! Brooke and Hope, by the way, won't linger Thank Steffy for letting the truth come out in time.

Deacon, meanwhile, will have a Nice to do with Sheila. He will force her to stay at home because going out is too dangerous and he will also ask her to consider leaving Los Angeles. What will the woman do? Knowing you, will you accept Sharp's dictates? We'll find out soon!

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Screenshots from Mediaset Infinity
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