Ben Affleck guest at Che tempo che fa: here's when and why

A great achievement for the Italian television. This week, "What's the weather like" will have a special guest: Ben Affleck. The actor, director, screenwriter and producer will be the protagonist of an exclusive interview broadcast on Rai3 Sunday 26 March.

Apparently Affleck is ready for return to the cinema like notes with his latest work, “Air – The story of the great leap“, which will be screened in Italian cinemas starting from 6 April.

From Fazio to talk about his new film

The film stars the faithful friend and colleague as the protagonist Matt Damon who plays the manager of Nike, Sonny Vaccaro. The film tells the story of collaboration between a young man Michael Jordan and the basketball division of the company, which was just taking shape at the time. This partnership would forever change not only the world of sportsbut also popular culture.

In cast, in addition to Damon, appear the same Ben Affleck, Chris Messina, Marlon Wayans, Chris Tucker and Viola Davis.

Other guests of the episode

Besides Ben Affleck, winner of two Academy Awards, the program will feature the participation of Sofia Goggia, four-time downhill world champion. The athlete announced her presence in Sunday's episode through her social profiles.

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