Big Brother, Alex Schwazer's ballet goes viral

Friday, 15/09/2023
Beatrice Deon
alex schwazer big brother dance

the house of Big Brother it was, as always, a stage for unexpected and intense moments. However, the aperitif evening reserved one surprise which exceeded all expectations: Alex Schwazer, known for his reserve and dedication to sport, offered a PERFORMANCE which enchanted not only the roommates but also the vast web audience.

In an evening already full of anticipation and anticipation, his dance it became quickly viral, prompting users to express opinions and comments online.

Alex Schwazer at the Big Brother aperitif, the video is viral

While waiting for the aperitif and dinner at the residence of Big Brother, the participants they have tried their hand at various types of Entertainment.

Between these, Alex Schwazer he chose to break the ice and involve himself in an unusual way. Despite his natural inclination to maintain a certain distance from the spotlight, the athlete he let himself go to the music.

Schwazer, usually focused on athletic discipline and rigorous training, put aside his professional seriousness for a moment to immerse himself in aatmosphere of pure fun.

The reactions of the companions: the surprise of Rosy Chin

The choice of Alex Schwazer to take an active part in the evening he generated amazement and admiration among his housemates.

Rosy Chin, for example, could not help but exclaim a phrase that expressed surprise and approval, especially after noticing him smoking. His behavior represented a break from his typical reserve, a strong and clear signal that the athlete wanted to share a moment of joy with the group.

Image source: Instagram profile Big Brother Vip News @gfvipnews
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